Thank You


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Jun 23, 2021

When I first received HP I took some time before actually diving in to it.

I spent months researching about DMT and reading countless of stories and experiences from others on the Internet.

I started off with 3 MG to test out the waters and I was hooked. The geometric patters I saw from such low dosage was enough for me to realize that this is a beautiful substance. It also brought so much positivity into my life that it changed in a instant.

I spent weeks doing low dosages from 3 MG to 15 MG..... 10 MG and 15 MG were really inspiring, beautiful, and alien.

After months went by I suddenly had the courage to try 30 MG and that was my first time breaking through after 3 Hits.... With closed eyes my whole world went POOF like a magic trick. Something/Someone was there with me, I felt it... Anytime my mind would try to think something negative the forces would wipe it out before I could even think about it. I was sweating on the come down and when you breath during the breakthrough it feels like you are the air you breath it self... VERY COOL. I did not see anything in particular other then strong geometric patterns and most of it I forget but sometimes I can remember if I think about it. I have also stopped smoking Weed because the experience while doing low doses 5MG while smoking weed was not pleasant so I did not want to bring that to when I broke through and I am glad I didn't. I don't plan on smoking weed or anything period. I haven't smoked cigarettes in a very long time and HP has given me the boost and confidence to know that I will probably never smoke another cigarette again.

I have been left speechless and I appreciate this world so much. I sometimes forget my purpose because of all the influences and spending most of my time on the Internet does not help.. I am aware of it which is very important and gives me hope that one day I will find my true purpose.

I'm not the type to also share this type of stuff anywhere but I do appreciate the creators of HP and I wish you all nothing but the best.

Positive Vibes Forever