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    Send a message to the wickr hpfromtj

    Send a message to the wickr hpfromtj
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    Hello, That is the live of a TJ, There will be a tj soon on this forum

    Hello, That is the live of a TJ, There will be a tj soon on this forum
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    WHM gone...where to go now?

    Hello, I think the best option now is sending a message to wickr to hpfromtj
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    Is Terra Joulle a "Cult"?

    Namasté HpfromTJ :), When you search for Terra Joulle,after the websites,you also see the conversation on Reddit and more about this question. Is Terra Joulle a "Cult"? Much love
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    Dream about : The Virus

    Namasté everyone :), This is a dream that I had a short time ago and was quite heavy..... I dreamed that I was in the city walking around to do the things that I needed to do in that dream. It was a sunny dag and was very peacefull between all of the people. Then a virus came out and made...
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    Wisdom about "Wisdom"

    Namasté everyone :), Yes very ironic,wisdom about wisdom :). What I would like to share with you all is that wisdom is not from anyone. When I say that I have learned something,what I mean with that is that it is not always out of my trips or meditations etc,also not that only from myself,what...
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    Wisdom about "Consumption"

    Namasté everyone :), Our consumption in these times are totally not the healthiest to eat unfortunetly. Dead enzymes,addictive,physical changes,mental changes and spiritual energy,that we normally would not consume and change because of it. The dead enzymes because it got killed with...
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    Wisdom about "Changing Your Lifestyle"

    Namasté everyone :), If you want to change your lifestyle and what it as comfortable as possible,then I have some good tips for you :). If you want to eat healthier or sleep healthier or better everything,you first have to understand how our body works,physically and mentally. These things are...
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    Wisdom about "Body (Mind) Language" (Balance Body,Soul and Spirit)

    Namasté everyone :) , Now everyone knows about body language as we know. But there is also another kind of body language that we have not learned yet. Let me explain :) Everything what we have learned gets saved in the mind and when we need it,our body will let us know. For example: When...
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    Wisdom about "Emotions and Feelings"

    Namasté everyone :) , I thought to share this wisdom because it has changed my life a lot after learning and understanding this,so hope you can use it just like I did :). How I have learned is that there are 2 things that exist if it is about feeling something. 1.Emotions 2.Feelings The...
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    Wisdom about "Hidden Influences"

    Namasté everyone :), Like we all know there are things that influences us that we see, hear and know. For example when someone eats that you think "hmm I'm also going to eat something" and many more. But there are things that we do not see,hear and know that our brain still receives and saves...
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    Wisdom about "Harming Each Other"

    Namasté everyone :), In this world there are a lot of problems. The problems never stops and new problems keep on coming. Raping,murdering,torturing and all other horrible things that we do to each other. All for different kind of reasons. Because of another colour of the skin,because of the...
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    One of the Terra meditations (The Eartharian Meditation)

    Namasté everyone :), The meditation to do what we all thought was never possible,to not take our nutrionts out of consumption but out of our cosmos/universe etc. It is possible to not eat for 1 day,7 days and even always. "Must we never eat?" No "May we eat?" Yes :). It is not that we depend on...
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    One of the Terra meditations (The Thinking Meditation)

    Namasté everyone :), There are a lot of wonderful meditations in the world. Meditations for blocking your thoughts,meditation to give yourself and others love,or to forgive yourself and/or others and so on. But there are meditations that are not so common for everyone. A meditation that nobody...
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    Wisdom about "The Terra (Nature) Birth Plan"

    Namasté everyone :), In the topic "Wisdom about "Giving Birth", I already gave the info that women do not have to suffer while giving birth. It is actually the opposite: Enjoying while giving birth :) Here below the explanation of the birthplan and below that,the real birthplan (in short). It...