Push Your Life To a New Level

Terra Joulle is a lifestyle created through the assistance of Holy Powder from Terra Joulle. We help from our spirit.


Meditate every day as much as possible. Practice everyday to be able to sit in the Full Lotus. Let the Terra Meditation Method have a high priority in your life. Practice the Terra Breathing exercises everyday.


Only consumes raw fruits and given vegetables. Fast According to the Rules of Terra. Consume Seasonal as much as possible. Share the fruits with other beings. You may not take supplements that can be naturally replaced.

Commitment to love

The Commitment to love can only take place on from the age of nineteen. You may only have one relationship from the moment you join Terra Joulle. The choice to enter in relationship must be after meditation

Dont worry, we have the Holy powder from Terra Joulle that can help you to know your real goals in life

Most people on earth generally have a few goals in life: to have good schooling, to have a job, to possess materials, to have children, to become a grandfather or grandmother, to be healthy, to be good at hobby ’s and like those there are more goals.

Everyone becomes happy after achieving these goals. But they will eventually find their achievement normal and no longer be happy with it.
Usually after a time of being happy by achieving a goal there will come a time of being unhappy. This is because we do not live to have these goals. Our body and soul are not satisfied in achieving these earthly goals.

The only thing is that the lifestyle that is described in the terra must be followed.

Learning Plan Made For You

How to Choose the Best One for Your Budget. Learn about the different student loan repayment plans. Determine how much you can pay.

Donation for the Terra Joulle Land

€ 10

We want to help as many people as possible but, we sadly have our limitations. Money is needed to achieve certain things in this world we live in. Life is possible without money but, not in this society. We will send you more info in a email.

Terra Joulle detox

€ 920

This is a complete training session of 14 lessons to learn to be breatharian. We don't do this to earn money. You can always get and you can also learn these exercises for free but please ask and tell us why we need to give it free to you..

In life we have learned to become happy or to feel happy the wrong way.

Terra Joulle is a lifestyle that we must write down as a religion according to the law. A religion is a lifestyle. The Bible tells a way of how to live. You live according to the word of that specific rules.

We also follow a lifestyle now. In fact, it means that we actually have our own religion. Our Terra is our "Bible". We learn others a way of living life. Those who want to think and live like that can follow this lifestyle.

This lifestyle has been developed with the help of our Holy powder (HP). Because of our Holy powder we have been able to learn how to be one with our body, soul and spirit. After this we have created a lifestyle where people can learn how to be one with their body, soul and spirit without using our Holy powder. Our holy powder ensures that after using it you will understand why it is important to follow this lifestyle.